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Join us as we embark on a journey to develop a greater and more expanded version of who we truly are in our relationship with our self and with others, uncover the hidden limiting beliefs in all areas of our life that keep us playing small and from shining our light!   

Through weekly group calls, live mentorship support, over 20 video lesson, guided meditations and module exercises, we begin to unravel the hidden holds that bind us to a distorted sense of self.  As we unveil the truth of who we really are, we increase our sense deservedness, up-level our expectations and desires, and co-create with the Universe. 

  • Explore ancient and modern mental and spiritual principles for personal growth and awakening
  • Change perceptions to liberate you from the holds of your past 
  • Dissolve old self-image of the illusory self and discover your true essence
  • Develop skills and processes to reprogram dis-empowering responses 
  • Connect with your inner-being for intuitive awakening and co-create with a higher-power (God, the Universe, Oneness)
  • Up-level your sense of self-worth and deservedness 
  • Align your values with your vision and increase your expectations in life
  • Reach for bigger goals, challenges and experiences for personal evolution
  • Discover and experience how the Universe conspires with you
  • Manage with stress and anxiety and live life with more peace, ease and joy

the journey


Unveil Fear & Harness Your Inner-Power

  Awakening to your true nature, we begin to reconnect and establish a relationship with our body, mind and soul to unveil fears, hidden limiting beliefs and knee jerk reactions that are not serving us to create a joyful life we desire

Everyone on this planet experiences fears, wavering self-doubts or insecurities, feelings of confusion, stress and sadness.  On one hand, our emotions are internal cues; signals to keep us safe. Our emotional guidance system helps us to discern between our wants and desires which help us to evolve. On the other hand, without our awareness, our emotions imprint a distorted sense of self as we create an internal belief system that hinders our ability to recognize our hidden potential and deservedness. 


Awakening & Empowerment Tools

 Learn life-mastering healing tools to liberate yourself from self-judgments, fear, insecurities and self-doubts for a more awakening and empowered life.  

We shed a light on what's not serving us, gain clarity as confidence in our selves and the support from a higher power.  As we re-align with your Soul's essence, we begin  to cultivate confidence, positive change transform old limited patterns and beliefs into self-empowerment and live your life's purpose. 


Personal Transformation

If willing, you can shift old patterns, heal your false sense of self, up-level your self-worth and connect with a higher power to change the course of your life.   

 Increase self-awareness and your connection with your inner-being, self-regulate your emotions, heal wounds of past, improve your sense of self-worth and self-expression, create ;more loving and harmonious relationships and get clear on your career and life path.  This is a journey of self-development and intuitive awakening 


Emotional Freedom & Authenticity

  We explore how our emotional states dictate the quality of our life. We practice tools to self-regulate, self-manage our emotional states and transform our thinking (self-sabotaging inner-dialogue) and liberate ourselves from coping strategies of procrastination and avoidance tactics. As we connect with our inner-being more readily, we are able to process our feelings, speak our truth, establish boundaries and take action for an empowered life! 

Restoration of our true self, what it means to be whole.  We are not broken, damaged or unworthy.  We are enough now and always!


Liberation from False Sense of Self

  To overcome the illusory self and heal hidden wounds and believes based on our past experiences, borrowed belief systems and limiting patterns of beliefs.  Discover how your inner-world effects your outer world. 

This course helps us to change our perceptions on how we see ourselves, clean the filter of our subconscious mind so we perceive our life, our experiences in a new light. 

  Cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself, connect  with a greater and more expanded essence of who you are as a spiritual being and consciously co-creating with the Universe a life your are meant to live.    


Intuitive Awakening & Divine Support

   Many of our experiences have formed a mistaken self-identity; belief in separation from oneness and our creator, development of a limited mindset of who we are and our abilities. Having a wavering sense of faith and trust in a higher-power may leave us feeling alone and feeling powerless and hopeless. As we establish a daily practice, we begin to return to our natural state of being and begin to awaken to see how the Universe is always supporting us. We experience a deeper connection with a higher power. These higher state allows us to tap into the wisdom, clarity and creative steps towards our true life's purpose.  


Flexible, Balanced & Self-Empowered

Unveil hidden scenarios in your life that trigger the "busyness" syndrome; the mental and emotional patterns based on illusions of fear that cause us to experienced increase feelings of stress, anxiety and being overwhelmed with your to-do list.  

We shed the belief structures that we bought into that says in order to succeed in life we have to hustle and push our way there has become a society norm.  If you walk by any co-worker's desk these days and ask, "How are you?", you will be met with a sigh of heaviness and the words, "I am stressed". 

Learn useful processes to become aware of your thoughts, navigate and self-regulate your emotional states and begin to live a more empowered life with peace, ease and joy.


Creative Living & Manifestation

To be added.


Victim to Victor: Personal Transformation

  How we give meaning to everything and how we tell stories of our past experiences matters the most! As we evolve, we are able to let go of judgments based on limiting self-perceptions and awaken to understand a higher purpose and wider scope of truth.  

"Change your story and you change your life." Wayne Dyer


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