Mediumship Readings

Mediumship Readings


In a Mediumship Reading, Kirsten acts as the “conduit” between you and the Spirit World to convey guidance and loving messages from your deceased loved ones, Angels and Spirit Guides. Mediumship readings may provide clarity and understanding around any unanswered questions you may have or may provide support to situations in your life. Spirits often share information about themselves, you, and family members. Spirits reveal their personality, how they passed, what they looked like, special items, pets, occupations, hobbies, etc. 

Kirsten uses all her psychic senses to communicate by sharing what she sees, hears, feels, knows, tastes and smells. Kirsten energetically connects with spirits’ heart-to-heart and can feel what they wish to express through their emotions, telepathic thoughts and memories. Kirsten is a profound clairvoyant and will share images, visions and symbols to help clients validate the spirits’ identities and to clarify their unique messages. Many of Kirsten’s clients express feelings of joy and appreciation after sessions and often leave with a sense of peace and healing. 

Sessions are available in person, by telephone or Skype. To book a Mediumship Reading or Channeling Session.  

For private group rates, please contact Kirsten: Tel: 905-334-0994 


1 Hour       $125 + HST = $141.25

1.5 Hours    $160 + HST = $180.80

2 Hours      $225 + HST = $254.25 

Readings offered in-person or by telephone.  

Kirsten offer Private Mediumship Reading for you and your friends.  E-mail Kirsten to receive your quote today: 



Call/Text:  905-334-0994