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Kirsten is a psychic medium, Angel communicator, channeler and spiritual teacher. Her passion is to help others to heal by connecting them to their higher-self through Rainbow Energy Healing sessions, Integrated Energy Therapy® sessions as well as through her role as an Angel Guidance and Healing Practitioner.  

"My path as a lightworker has brought me an incredible sense of joy and appreciation, a connection with others on a deeply spiritual level, and a desire to share these wonderful healing modalities with the world."  Kirsten


  • Angel Readings
  • Mediumship Readings
  • Channeled Readings
  • Tea Leaf Readings
  • Rainbow Energy Healing Sessions
  • Integrated Energy Healing Sessions
  • Private Mentorship Program

Group Tea Leaf & Angel Reading and Mediumship Parties Available Upon Request

About Me

Spiritual Teacher

I feel very blessed and deeply honored to be of service to you and the Spirit World, to communicate Divine guidance, channel healing and messages of love from our Angels, Spirit Guides, deceased loved ones and beings of love and light.   I am grateful to be a witness to how spirit can work through us in miracles and I am excited to share these skills and understandings with you as a lightworker and spiritual teacher.

As a spiritual teacher, it is my desire to support others by holding a space for them to experience an inward journey towards unveiling their true spiritual nature, their natural intuitive abilities to see, hear, feel and know the guidance that is all around us from the Divine beings of love and light.

Skills & Qualifications

 Kirsten is trained and certified in Angel Guidance and Healing, Rainbow Energy Healing (Level 3), Master Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy®, and as a Master in Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki®.  She is also certified in Mediumship and practices Pranic Energy Healing,  Axiatonal Re-Alignment, Channeling, and Tasseomancy (the art of tea leaf reading), and Life Coaching.

What To Expect

Psychic Medium

Each session allows you to explore any issues you wish to examine with the help of your angels and spirit guides, which may also bring guidance, healing and support from archangels, ascended masters, deceased loved ones, or Spirit.

During a session, Kirsten may connect with your Angels, Spirit Guides and Deceased Loved ones to convey messages in regards to the following:

  • Relationships and matters of the heart
  • Connect with deceased loved ones
  • Reveal and clearing blockages in auric field (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual)
  • Receive clarity around obstacles to reach personal goals
  • Life Purpose Readings
  • Past Life Reading
  • Clearing patterns of past-life, vows and contracts 
  • Future projections
  • Career issues/goals
  • Purpose of your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides
  • Your spiritual path, and how to increase your intuitive development

Appointments are offered in-person, group parties or by telephone sessions.




Join Kirsten each week and be guided on a journey of awakening. Learn simplistic meditation techniques for grounding your energy lightbody, thoughts and feelings. Meditation is a tool that leads you to know your true  self.  Explore how connecting with your inner-being teaches you how to articulate your emotions and self-regulate your feeling states. Practice the art of mastering your mind. When you expand your consciousness, you uplevel your energy, manage stress and anxiety and harness the ability to manifest in desired  ways.


$108 series / $20 drop-in


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Book your FREE CONSULTATION today with Kirsten! 

A consultation is full of value and provides you with a sense of what Kirsten has to offer in this customized program and how she can help you awaken to your spiritual essence, unveil fears and blocks, strengthen and build confidence in developing your intuitive abilities!

Kirsten listens intuitively and shares how she can support you to get clear, gain confidence, build intuitive strengths, and overcome your blocks to living a more spiritual and intuitive life.  

What is an Intuitive Reading?

Three common questions clients ask Kirsten:

1.  Who do you connect with in the spirit world?

2.  How do you receive Divine guidance?

3.  How will I benefit from receiving a reading?

divine Communication Certificate Course

Kirsten offer you this wonderful and enlightening weekend workshop!  Kirsten brings years of spiritual study, esoteric knowledge and skill building tools to support you along your spiritual journey.  Click HERE for details!

Spring 2020 (Full Weekend - Oakville, Ontario)

Learn more about Kirsten's upcoming Empath Empowerment Workshop!

Fall/Winter 2019/2020 (6:30pm to 10pm)

Private Healing Studio (Oakville, Ontario)

Click HERE for more details!

Upcoming Workshops

Meditation Psychic Medium Intuition Praying

Featured Workshops



Learn Divine Communication, harness your innate intuitive abilities and learn new Divine tools. Practice giving and receiving messages in a fun, supportive group.

Upcoming Dates 2019/2020:: 

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 (7-9pm)

Tuesday, November 19, 2019 (7-9pm)

Tuesday, November 26, 2019 (7-9pm)

Wednesday, November 27, 2019 (7-9pm)

Wednesday, December 11, 2019 (7-9pm)

Wednesday, Janaury 29, 2020 (7-9pm)

Wednesday, February 26, 2020 (7-9pm)

Wednesday, March 25, 2020 (7-9pm)

Wednesday, April 29, 2020 (7-9pm)

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 (7-9pm)


Divine Communication Certificate Course (2020)

Living from Your Soul - Awakening & Empowerment Program (2020)

Rainbow Energy Healing, Level 1 (2020)

Channeling & Divination Tool Workshop 

Click HERE to see more awesome workshops in 2020!

Questions or Requests?

Do you have a topic that you are interested in explorinrg?  

Are you interested in learning more about Kirsten's private Mentorship Program and workshops?  Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation with Kirsten today!  Unfold your intuitive abilities in a customized and supportive program that works with your needs and schedule. 

Please e-mail Kirsten at

Intuitive Development Workshop & Courses

Check out the Divine Communication Development Meetup Group.    Learn Divine Communication, harness your innate intuitive abilities and learn new Divine tools.  Practice giving and receiving messages in a fun, supportive group.    Click HERE for more details. 

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