Here's what Kirsten's clients are saying:

"I just wanted to thank you again for the insightful reading last night. I had high hopes for it but it surpassed them! I left feeling a calm and peaceful feeling I haven't felt in awhile.  Thank you so very much for sharing your time and your gift with me - I really appreciate it."
D.O. Oakville, ON

"I attended a Rainbow Energy Healing with Kirsten yesterday.  Quite honestly, I wasn’t expecting any significant shifts in my life.  However, I can now add this session to my list of significant spiritual experiences in my life (which is a very short list).  Kirsten was able to deduce and address a number of significant spiritual issues I’ve been going through recently and some issues which have affected me since childhood (and possibly going back further into past life).  I was surprised that she was accurate on everything she perceived and not wrong once.  This is a credit to her intuitive abilities.  Following the session, I can honestly say that I felt a significant shift with issues such as fear in my life and the way I approach life.  I can also say that since the session (and as early as leaving the session) I began to experience what I can only describe as “magical” things starting to happen in my life.  This is a testament to her healing abilities!  I’m very privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Kirsten and will do so again.  Thanks Kirsten!"

C.A., Mississauga, ON 

"After my [angel and mediumship] reading with Kirsten, I left feeling a quiet sense of peace and well being.  We laughed, I had happy tears and it was just a joyful experience.  I want to introduce my sisters to the happy feeling!' 

Ellen H., Burlington

"I highly recommend a channeled reading from Kirsten Hodgins!  I found the reading clarified a lot. Kirsten has a gentle and enlightening approach when conducting her reading.   She has a very strong connection to the spiritual and angelic world and I also felt them around me during the reading.  I find Kirsten to be accurate as well. "  


"Kirsten is a very intuitive person who has an amazing gift to connect with angels.  She has a calm, positive and nurturing energy that provides guidance and clarity to understanding present situations.  She takes the time to help answer questions in her readings.  She has a true spiritual gift and I look forward to working with her again.”  



​"My session with Kirsten was fantastic.  She has a wonderful gift of facilitating with angels.  With her help I was given information to guide me on my spiritual journey.  She also helped me get rid of old energy that was no longer serving me. I'd go back to see her again!"  


"Kirsten, I want to thank you for the Rainbow Energy Healing session. You have helped balance my Life Purpose and solar plexus chakras. Since the session, I have been able to assert myself in situation that would have felt intimidating in the past.  I noticed I was able to stand up and speak my truth in areas that I never thought I could.  I feel like I'm taking action in ways that fulfill my Life Purpose."  

Rosemary, Oakville, Ontario 

"I am so thankful to have met Kirsten! She's taught me so much about myself.  She is so gentle and caring.  Very accurate readings.  She picks up on things very well and she is truly great at what she does!  I love connecting with her and I will continue to connect with her and my guides.  I'm so happy I've met Kirsten and she's made a big difference in my life."  

AB, Hamilton, Ontario 

"As somebody who use to be a non-believer, Kirsten has shown me things that are unexplainable but yet make a lot of sense.  Her talent is true, heart felt and becomes so deep whenever she is in contact with her intuition.  She is a true professional and I would recommend her services to anyone."  

A.W.C. Oakville, Ontario 

"Having never laid eyes on Kirsten I was skeptical, but her description of my family and their messages to me gave me a feeling of calm and peace that I have not felt since my Mom passed way in April.  I heard what I needed to hear in order to move forward and I have happily recommended her to family and friends."  

Ellen E. 

“ Thanks Kirsten & Derek for another wonderful evening. I learn so much and feel so validated around what I am experiencing. So great to meet others who are on the same path and have so much to share on this journey! ”  


“ It was full of new knowledge and inspirational meetup without any judgments for anybody ” 


"Wonderful session as usual. Derek and Kristen freely share their gifts and are 2 of the best mentors I've met. I always learn new tools and perspectives and meet amazing people." 


"Thank you to everyone this was a life changing experience for me. I am not alone and I understand and see myself in a new light. I am glad to have found this group. 


"Thank you for a great evening.  As a newcomer, I initially thought I would just be an observer, however, I soon feel very safe in sharing parts of me that I don"t usually share so freely. Thank you to Derek for working with me and to everyone for providing such a supportive, safe, helpful environment. It was great to meet everyone and I look forward to seeing everyone again soon." TA 

"It was wonderful to see some old friends and meet some new beautiful souls. It was awesome to learn different things through different perspectives. The discussions were so friendly and encouraging. I really enjoyed my evening!!!" 


"Thank you for such a lovely evening last night. I learn so much. Thank you Derek for the work you did on me, it seem to have fine tuned me and have felt a difference every since. My partner was a great source of learning and wisdom for me. Kirsten thank you for providing a great and safe space for us to learn and for your gifts. I found all present wonderful as they flowed in their personal gifts." 



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