Tea Leaf Reading

Tea Leaf Reading

Tea Leaf Readings Bring Meaningful Messages & New Insights About Your Past, Present and Future. Tea Leaf Reading is an ancient art of what is formally called Tasseology. It is a divination tool that can be used to discover insight and possible future outcomes regarding nearly any particular situation. 

Tea leaf reading is a visual representative process that involves “reading” the images formed by loose tea leaves. The reader interprets meaning with the help of their clairvoyant and other psychic abilities. These images carry important information regarding a question the client is asking about.  Readings bring healing, meaningful messages and new insights on your past, present and future. 

Kirsten was drawn to the art of tea leaf reading since childhood. Kirsten’s fascination with this ancient and divine tool was one of the driving forces behind her spiritual and psychic inquisitiveness. What started in her early adulthood as a hobby of collecting antique tea cups, turned into an ability to harness her psychic gifts and to read and decipher messages. 

Kirsten spent years working with different teachers and mentors to unleash her abilities as a channeler and medium. It was in late 2012 when Kirsten finally learned the traditional methods of tea leaf reading and the rest is history! Learning the art of tea leaf reading instilled in Kirsten a driving passion to step forward into the world and begin sharing her gifts with clients. She began offering tea leaf readings privately to individual clients and publicly at community events and group parties. Since then, the continuing evolution of her psychic abilities has provided her with a new platform of self-discovery and enhanced her role as a lightworker. 

Kirsten owes this spiritual progression to the confidence and courage she gained from conducting tea leaf readings. These divine tools are essentially another link to God and the Universe. Through our internal metaphysical senses, they allow each of us to see, hear, feel and know the highest good intended for our clients in addition to understanding the most pressing issues they are faced with. As a result, we can provide insight and clarity to our clients by conveying loving messages with respect to past, present and future events.​ 

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30 mins      $65

45 mins      $115

1 Hour       $125

2 Hour       $225

***Tea leaf readings may be combined with Angel and Mediumship readings as well.

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