Meditation Workshps

Empath Empowerment Meditation Workshop

Kirsten shares valuable information on how to connect with your inner being, what being "grounded" really means and how to anchor yourself into a deeper place more consciously.

Kirsten will then lead you on a journey through a guided meditation to align and deepen your connection with your body, emotions, mind and spiritual essence.


• Learn how to ground and centre your inner being in your everyday life
• Connect with your higher self
• Awaken your innate ability to discern emotional guidance
• Discover your natural abilities to intuit information through your senses
• Achieve a higher vibrational state
• Align with Divine and Universal Source energy for healing and guidance


Date:        Thursday, July 19, 2018

Time:        8pm to 9:30pm

Fee:          $15 

Location:  Sun Yoga Studio

Address:   785 Pacific Rd

                   Suite 15

                   Oakville, ON

Register by e-mail to

** All levels welcomed.  No experience necessary. **


For more details, watch this video!


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