Divine Communication Development Practice Group

What this group is about!

Learn Divine Communication, harness your innate intuitive abilities and learn new Divine tools. Practice giving and receiving messages in a fun, supportive group.

Kirsten’s joy is to create a space to bring like-minded people together, provide mentorship support to others along their spiritual journey, unveil fears and blockages that keep you stuck. 

Kirsten's philosophy is:

"Practicing your intuitive nature is the KEY to our spiritual and psychic development. It's all about letting go of your self-doubts and fears that block us so we can learn to trust ourselves more. The more we experience our metaphysical senses to see, hear, feel and know, the more we awaken to know who we truly are as spiritual beings and our abilities propel with use. It's just that simple. You are your own best teacher. Come out and take that inward journey to unfold how you uniquely connect with Divine. You are a spiritual being and already have the light within." Kirsten Hodgins

Watch Kirsten's video where she explains what this group is all about:

Come out and practice with other heart-centered souls, expand your awareness and strengthen your abilities to communicate with Divine more profoundly.

Learn to communicate with your Spirit Guides, Angels, ascended masters and beings of love and light for your highest good.

Practice giving and receiving readings and connecting with other like-minded people.

We will explore in positive ways by practicing various techniques, using helpful Divine tools to propel our growth and to bring positive results to our spiritual development.

Who Should Attend:

Whether you are a beginner seeking support and understanding or if you are already embracing your abilities and would like to share and continue to grow along with us, then this group is for you. If you are an energy healing practitioner wanting to develop your Channeling abilities further to provide messages for clients or just simply interested in developing more of an awareness for personal growth, this group is for you!

What to Expect at This Meetup:

We will open with a brief discussion on topics related to Channeling, as this term covers many aspects of how we receive and connect. There will be meditations, grounding techniques, clearing and opening exercises then delve into practicing in pairs. Practicing our connection is KEY to spiritual development. Don't be afraid of trying. It's all about letting go of your self-doubts and fears.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Ignite your abilities in the area of clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience and clairaudience
  • Raise your vibration (energy level)
  • Building a template and Psychic Dictionaries (as to how information is shown to us)
  • Meet your Spirit Guides
  • Angel Communication
  • Learning how to navigate and deepen your intuitive abilities
  • Channeling techniques
  • Unveiling Fears
  • Clearing subconscious negative beliefs
  • Letting go of self-doubts and blockages
  • Knowing how to set boundaries
  • Learning discernment
  • Free will / intentions
  • Grounding techniques
  • Aligning your energy
  • Opening and strengthening your senses, etc.