Channeled Reading

Channeled Reading


During a Channeled Reading, Kirsten shifts into a meditative state and remains fully conscious as she connects with Divine Beings.   These beings consist of Archangels, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides.   Kirsten may also connect with beings of love and light from other heavenly realms such as elementals, power animals, deceased loved ones and pets. 

Kirsten surrenders to God’s Will to channel who is best called to be of help during the reading for your highest and greatest good and to provide you with guidance and healing around the following areas and more:

  • Relationships and matters of the heart
  • Meet your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides and how they are here to help you 
  • Unveiling belief patterns and programming based on fear
  • Reveal and clearing blockages in auric field (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual)
  • Receive clarity around obstacles to reach personal goals
  • Past Life Reading
  • Clearing patterns of past-life, vows and contracts and their influence on you today
  • Future projections
  • Career issues/goals 
  • Everyday life obstacles
  • Your spiritual path, and how to increase your intuitive development

Kirsten uses all her psychic senses to communicate by sharing what she sees, hears, feels, knows, tastes and smells.  Kirsten energetically connects with Divine heart-to-heart as she sense what they wish to express through emotions, telepathic thoughts and memories.   Kirsten is a profound clairvoyant and will share images, visions and symbols to help clients validate the spirits’ identities and to clarify their unique messages. 

Channeled Session are available by telephone sessions. 

Please contact Kirsten at 905-334-0994 or by e-mail at



1 Hour       $125

1.5 Hours    $160 

2 Hours      $225

Kirsten offer Private Reading Parties for you and your friends.  E-mail Kirsten to receive your quote today:

Telephone/Text:  905-334-0994