Angel Readings

Angel Guidance & Healing Session


An Angel Reading is a wonderful way to connect with and hear directly from your Angels and the Archangels.  Kirsten sits and listens, feels and sees intuitively to what the Angels have to say with their Divine messages. 

This modality is wonderful if you are concerned about your life purpose, relationship, health or if you just want to know what you Angels want you to know. Our Angels are always speaking to us, and they are here to help giving you the opportunity for healing, inspiration and insight. 

This session is for you to explore any issues you wish with the help of your angels and spirit guides. You may also receive guidance and support from archangels, ascended masters, deceased loved ones, deceased pets, or Spirit, who often show up during an Angel Guidance and Healing session. 

Often, Kirsten may be guided to relay information, symbols, feelings and emotions, ask questions, or make suggestions that will help you achieve positive changes in your life. 

Ultimately the Angel Guidance & Healing Session is an opportunity for you to connect with your spiritual team of helpers, including your own guardian angels. You may learn more about the purposes of your guardian angels and your spirit guides. We may be guided by your angels to offer some spiritual coaching during the session for you to work through certain issues. 

Group Angel Parties are available upon request. Please call or e-mail Kirsten at 905-334-0994 /


1 Hour       $125

1.5 Hours    $160 

2 Hours      $225

Readings offered in-person or by telephone. 

Kirsten offer Private Angel Reading Parties for you and your friends.  E-mail Kirsten to receive your quote today:


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