Angel Guidance & Healing Practitioner Course (Full Weekend)

Angel Guidance & Healing Practitioner Course

This workshop is for people who want to go deeper in their understanding and relationship with the angelic realm.  This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to be of service professionally by conducting angel readings and providing angelically guided spiritual healing techniques.  There are also plenty of opportunities for personal healing with help from the angels.  This course is focused on enhancing the skills developed in the Angel Communication Certificate Course, building trust and confidence in working with the angelic realm, and experiencing healing using advanced angelically guided spiritual healing techniques.

In this course you’ll learn plenty of enhanced ways to discern Divine guidance.  We will explore advanced techniques for reading the aura and chakras to help understand your relationships and your life purpose, as well as help others.  You will experience healing techniques with Archangel Raphael to improve your health and overcome addiction.  We will learn how to discern what type of being we are talking to in the spiritual realm (archangel, angel, ascended master, spirit guide, deceased loved one).  You will experience and practice providing advanced angel healing techniques to release fears around our psychic abilities and heal blocks to working professionally with angels.  You will learn and experience past-life guidance and how it relates to your Divine life purpose.   We’ll also explore advanced techniques for psychic shielding and protection from harsh energy.

The goals of this workshop are to;

  • enhance your angel communication skills and angel healing toolkit
  • build deeper trust and confidence in your intuitive connection to the Divine
  • facilitate deeper self-healing, including healing of unconcious fears and blocks
  • inspire you to take action and fulfill your Divine life purpose

There will be opportunities to practice angel readings, to further clear and enhance the major psychic communication channels, and work with and learn the functions of specific archangels.  A discussion of effective business practices for doing angel readings, angel parties, and integrating angel communication with other healing modalities is also included.

NOTE for REH Practitioners:  This course is not specifically required for studying to become a Practitioner of Rainbow Energy Healing. This course will provide many angelic interactive experiences that will complement your ability to discern and understand the presence of the angels and archangels during REH sessions, and to strengthen your intuitive ability to detect and experience the energy of REH. If You are guided to provide dialogue based angel readings as part of your professional spiritual practice, this training is highly recommended.

An Angel Guidance & Healing Practitioner Certificate will be provided to participants who successfully complete all parts of this workshop.

Includes all materials, course notes, beverages, and healthy snacks.

Registration in advance is required.

This workshop is offered periodically.  It is tentatively planned again in late 2019/early 2020 in the Greater Toronto Area.  For more information about future events, please contact Chris Cuciurean.

Upcoming Dates

Taught By Chris Cuciurean, Kirsten Hodgins, and Davida Clegg 

Full Weekend Course:

Dates:       November 30th, 

                  December 1st,  & 2nd, 2018

Place:        Private Healing Studio in 

                   Oakville, Ontario

Times:       Friday 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

                   Saturday, & Sunday 

                   10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Fee:            $555.00 (plus HST)

 Class Level: Advanced (Prerequisite: Angel Communication Certificate Course must be completed prior to attending this workshop) 

REGISTER on reh website (Chris Cuciurean)


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